The Payroll Book: A Guide for Small Businesses and StartUps

Payroll is an integral part of your business. Do it wrong and it can cost you everything. There are lots of complexity to payroll and this book will step you through and try to keep you out of trouble with tax authorities, and keep your employees happy as well.

This book details how to set up payroll, running and reporting payroll, and essential details needed to ensure compliance

Small Business Short Course (Employees Book 1)

Small Business Short Course will help you learn about how small businesses really work. It will teach you how to do it right, how to stay out of trouble, and hopefully, make money.

This volume deals with employees: who is and who isn’t considered an employee, how to tell the difference, the different types of employees, who can be an employee and more.

Starting a New Business: Accounting, Finance, Payroll, and Tax Considerations

After more than twenty years of consulting with entrepreneurs on starting a new business, forty years in business and a number of years teaching business, I have created a book that helps a small business owner ask the right questions of himself, or herself, and others.

If you are starting a business or are new in business this book will give you an insight into the accounting, finance, payroll and tax aspects of small business in the United States. It is designed to help you ask the right question of your professional advisors, government agencies and vendors.

The Little Black Book of the Beauty Biz, Volume 1

Written for YOUR beauty business by experts with 55 years’ experience in business ownership and the beauty industry – THE RESOURCE you never even knew you needed. Never before talked about, but crucial to your business’s survival.

Grab your copy today and learn how to:

  • Leap ahead of your competition.
  • Tackle payroll, taxes, and compliance with ease.
  • Win unemployment claims.
  • Steer clear of government penalties.
  • Keep your staff happy and productive.
  • Brand your business like a pro.
  • And much, much more!